Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back to the Beach (1987)

Frankie, who used to be a surfer is now an-overworked car dealer. His wife Annette, who used to be a Mouseketeer and pin-up girl is now a suburban housewife. Their son Bobby, ashamed to be their son is bored and tired with their life so he rebels by wearing punk clothing. Annette thinks it's time for them to take a vacation to Hawaii. On the way they stop in L.A. to visit their daughter Sandi. She is living by the beach (the same one Frankie and Annette had once spent time at as teenagers) and living with her surfer boyfriend, which Sandi tries to conceal from her parents. When Frankie reunites with an old flame Connie, who has made a shrine in honor of him at her nightclub (affectionately known as "The Big Kahuna"), Annette gets jealous and flirts with a surfer dude. Meanwhile Bobby joins a local punk surfer gang and Frankie challenges the leader of the gang to a surfing contest. Avalon and Funicello are wonderful in this delightful comedy with great songs and funny lines. Starring Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, Lori Loughlin, Tommy Hinkley, Demian Slade, Connie Stevens 7/10

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