Thursday, July 1, 2010

Love at First Bite (1979)

Hamilton plays Count Vladimir Dracula, a romantic and out-of-the-loop vampire recently evicted from his castle in Transylvania. Along with his loyal, insect-eating servant Renfield, they relocate to New York City to find his long lost love, Mina Harker, now known as Cindy Sondheim, a beautiful supermodel to turn her into a vampire. But getting Cindy back is not as easy as he thinks when he meets her eccentric psychiatrist Doctor Jeffery Rosenberg, whom his grandfather was Doctor Fritz Van Helsing. A hilarious comedy with many references to famous lines from Dracula films and memorable supporting characters, including Dick Shawn as Lieutenant Ferguson, Sherman Hemsley as Reverend Mike, and Isabel Sanford as Judge R. Thomas. Starring George Hamilton, Susan Saint James, Arte Johnson, Richard Benjamin 8/10

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