Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Scarlet Letter (1994)

The story of forbidden love as it says in the tag-line; When intimacy is forbidden and passion is a sin, love is the most defiant crime of all. Hester Prynne (Moore) arrives in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, meets the handsome Reverend Dimmesdale, and they have an affair. But when their forbidden passion results in a child, Hester is arrested and is questioned as to whom the father is but she doesn't reveal his identity. To make matters worse, her husband who was supposedly murdered on an English ship returns unexpectedly and causes even more trouble for Hester and Arthur, not to mention the colony. Many say that this film trashed the Hawthorne novel, but in truth I could care less if it’s not exactly like the book. The characters are memorable, the score and cinematography are amazing and this is by far one of my favorite forbidden love stories. Starring Demi Moore, Gary Oldman, Robert Duvall, Joan Plowright 8/10

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