Tuesday, July 6, 2010

UHF (1989)

George Newman is a daydreamer who can't keep a steady job. He dreams of being a somebody someday. When his Uncle Harvey wins the UHF station Channel 62 in a poker game, his wife thinks that George would be the perfect guy to manage it, even though the station is losing money and viewers. So along with his friend Bob, George goes to check it out. But the station is close to going bankrupt. Desperate, George hires Stanley Spadowski to be the janitor, and asks him if he wants to be on tv. Curious, Stanley goes on the air and is an instant favorite. Stanley gets his own show called Stanley Spadowski's Clubhouse and no sooner does the station increase their ratings and becomes the number one station in town. But when their rival Channel 8, who is run by the ruthless R.J. Fletcher finds out, he plans to do everything in his power to destroy channel 62 and make his network number one again. A wild and wacky comedy that spoofs on such films as Indiana Jones and Rambo. Starring "Weird Al" Yankovic, Victoria Jackson, Kevin McCarthy, Michael Richards, David Bowe, Stanley Brock, Billy Barty, Fran Drescher 7/10

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