Friday, July 30, 2010

Superstar (1999)

Mary Katharine Gallagher is a nerdy Catholic schoolgirl who from a young age dreams of one day being a superstar, so she can be kissed by a handsome movie star. She becomes the rewind girl at the video store and often expresses her emotions by using a film or television movie as an example. When she first sees Sky Corrigan, she wants to be kissed by him more than anything, but he unfortunately has a girlfriend; a snotty self-centered cheerleader named Evian. When her school announces that they're going to have a talent contest, Mary knows that could be her big chance to win Sky's affections. But her grandmother objects to it at first, because she wants Mary to be a businesswoman, but Mary insists that all she wants to be is a superstar. Despite that she still helps her, along with Mary's friends in her special education class, practicing dancing steps. A very funny movie; Molly Shannon's Saturday Night Live character is great fun to watch. Starring Molly Shannon, Will Ferrell, Elaine Hendrix, Harland Williams, Mark McKinney, Tom Green 7/10

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