Sunday, July 11, 2010

All the Little Animals (1998)

Bobby Platt is a mentally slow, slightly brain-damaged young man living with his cruel and sadistic stepfather Mister De Winter (whom he refers to as "The Fat"). After Bobby's mother dies The Fat kills Bobby's pets to get him to sign legal documents so he can take over the family store and send Bobby to an institution. But Bobby refuses to sign it and runs away. While on the road, Bobby meets Mister Summers, a man who buries animals that have been run over by motorists. He soon lives with Mister Summers and helps him out with his work. But when Mister Summers convinces Bobby that he should go back home, Bobby tells him that his stepfather hates him. So Mister Summers travels with Bobby back home to talk with him, but they both find out just how evil The Fat really is. Christian Bale gives a wonderful and sensitive performance and John Hurt is amazing as the eccentric hermit. Starring John Hurt, Christian Bale, Daniel Benzali, James Faulkner 7/10

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