Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Last Seduction (1994)

Bridget Gregory is a tough as nails businesswoman living in New York City. She makes her husband Clay steal drug money and then decides to steal it from Clay. She leaves town, but runs out of gas. So she stops at a small town called Beston on her way to Chicago, and meets Mike, whom she immediately hooks up with. She gets a job at an insurance company and changes her name to Wendy Kroy as a new alias so Clay won't find her. However Clay, who knows of her talent of writing backwards, figures out her new name is New York spelled backwards. Bridget convinces Mike into getting rid of a foreclosure lawyer whose cheating old ladies out of their homes, despite thinking she's crazy. But it turns out it's really her husband that Bridget is planning to get rid of. Fiorentino is perfect as the psychotic, manipulative femme-fetale, who doesn't mind taking advantage of men to get what she wants. Starring Linda Fiorentino, Bill Pullman, Peter Berg, J.T. Walsh, Bill Nunn 8/10

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