Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just Friends (2005)

Chris Brander is an awkward, overweight young man who has a crush on the beautiful and fun Jamie Palamino. He wants to take their friendship to the next level, so he writes his feelings in her yearbook. But unfortunately the jock Brett who also likes Jamie reads the note to their class at the graduation party at her house and Chris is humiliated. Even more so when Jamie tells him that she thinks of him as “just friends”. Chris rides off on his bike, vowing to everyone that he’s going to be someone important someday. Ten years later, Chris is a fit, lean and successful record producer in Hollywood. It’s Christmastime and he’s on his way to Paris with an up and coming performer named Samantha James, who has a creepy psychotic crush on Chris. When an accident occurs on the jet on the way to Paris, Chris is forced to return home with her. He sees his mother and his brother, who has a thing for the pop star diva. He also reunites with his friends and Jamie, and plans to be more than “just friends” with her this time around, despite Samantha’s manipulative and jealous behavior and a competitive rival suitor named Dusty Dinkleman. One of my favorite Ryan Reynolds films, a hysterically funny and cute romantic comedy. Starring Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, Anna Faris, Chris Klein, Chris Marquette, Julie Hagerty 7/10

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