Monday, June 28, 2010

Lolita (1962)

Humbert Humbert is middle-aged college professor of French poetry who arrives in Ramsdale, New Hampshire looking for a place to stay for the summer until he starts his teaching in the fall. He agrees to stay at the house of Charlotte Haze, a lonely widow but only so he can be around her fourteen-year-old flirtatious daughter, Lolita, whom he is entranced by at first sight. When Charlotte tells him that she’s going to send Lolita to an all girl’s camp for the summer, he decides that the only way to be around Lolita permanently is to marry Charlotte. But when a tragic accident occurs one rainy day, for Humbert it is heaven sent because he can have Lolita all to himself. They travel together to Beardsley College where he has a teaching position but their lives are interrupted by a scheming con artist named Clare Quilty. Mason is amazing, Sellers is fantastic and Lyon is terrific in her film debut. Starring James Mason, Shelley Winters, Sue Lyon, Peter Sellers 9/10

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