Monday, June 28, 2010

Harsh Times (2005)

Bale stars as Jim Luther Davis, an ex-Army ranger who is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and finds himself going back to his old life of crime, booze and drugs when his LAPD application is rejected. His plan was to join the police department so he can marry his Mexican girlfriend Marta. His best friend Miguel ‘Mike’ Alonzo is also being pressured by his girl Sylvia to find a job as well. Jim is eventually offered a job from Homeland Security, assigned to go to Colombia while Mike lands a dream job. They celebrate by inviting their friend Toussant to spend the weekend in Mexico, and he agrees to go with them. Jim introduces them to Marta and her family and they go to a party to dance and drink. But when Jim finds out that Marta is pregnant, he can’t deal with it and goes on a violent rampage that leads to a tragic end. Bale gives a compelling and strong performance in this captivating drama. Starring Christian Bale, Freddy Rodriguez, Eva Longoria Parker 7/10

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