Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Superman (1978)

Christopher Reeve plays The Man of Steel in this action/comedy. As a baby, he is sent to Earth when his home the Planet Krypton explodes. He lands in a small town in Kansas named Smallville, is raised by his adoptive parents and named Clark Kent.
When he finds out his true identity, he decides to go to Metropolis to fulfill his destiny. While having dual identities, the red-caped wonder Superman and Clark Kent, the mild-mannered reporter of The Daily Planet, the city’s citizen’s are fascinated about Superman because of his great strength and super speed and wherever there is trouble, he is there to rescue someone and help out in any way possible. Lex Luthor, the greatest criminal mind of our time (to him at least) is also fascinated and devises a plan to get his attention so he can destroy him.
Very good special effects and great acting by Hackman and Reeve makes this movie a fun ride. Starring Marlon Brando, Gene Hackman, Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Ned Beatty, Jackie Cooper, Mark McClure, Sarah Douglas, Terence Stamp, Glenn Ford, Valerie Perrine 10/10

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