Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Raising Arizona (1987)

H.I. McDunnough is a convenience store bandit who vows to go straight when he keeps getting caught. While being booked he meets the police department’s photographer, Edwina and is immediately smitten. He proposes marriage and she accepts. They are a happy couple until they find out that she’s infertile and to make things worse they are turned down by every adoption agency because of H.I.’s criminal record. So when H.I. and Edwina hear about the Arizona quintuplets born to a furniture tycoon named Nathan Arizona, they think it’s the only solution to their problem and as Edwina tells H.I. “they have more than they can handle”. Desperate for a child they long to have, H.I. kidnaps one of the Arizona babies, Nathan Junior and they try raising it as their own. But when Nathan hires a Harley-riding bounty hunter to get on their trail, things start to get dangerous. A hilarious and wacky comedy from the Coen brothers. Starring Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter, Trey Wilson, John Goodman, William Forsythe, Frances McDormand, Sam MacMurray 7/10

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