Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Prick Up Your Ears (1987)

The true story of British playwright Joe Orton, and how he was murdered by his gay lover Kenneth Halliwell. The film starts where they find the two dead in their London flat. From there John Lahr, the investigative reporter begins piecing together Orton’s life and his relationship with Halliwell, with the help of Orton’s agent Peggy as we track back and forth from past to present day. For some this movie can be quite shocking, as it shows the relationship between two homosexual men, when being so was considered illegal and the extent of Joe’s rather naughty sex life. Everyone is in fine form, most especially Oldman, whom bears a great resemblance to the real Joe Orton and Molina as his insecure and needy companion. Starring Gary Oldman, Alfred Molina, Vanessa Redgrave, Frances Barber, Julie Walters, Wallace Shawn 8/10

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