Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nobody’s Baby (2001)

Oldman plays Buford Dill and Ulrich plays Billy Raedeen, who met when they were children at an orphanage. Buford had taken care of Billy since then. They’ve lived their lives in and out of jail, and are at ease as long as they’re together. But when aggravated judge decides to separate them for their next sentence, Billy and Buford stage a getaway during which Billy is separated from Buford anyway. While trying to a hitch a ride, Billy rescues a baby from an automobile crash. When he goes to a local coffee shop for milk for the baby, he meets a young waitress and she invites him to her house in a little trailer park community in the Nevada desert. He also meets other misfits that include some prostitutes and a wise and spiritual Native American. Billy soon gets in touch with Buford, and tells him about the baby he rescued. He rushes over, thinking the two can make a profit from the baby. But things have changed, as Billy grows fond of the adorable bundle of joy. A cute and underrated comedy, with an unrecognizable Gary Oldman as the Southern petty criminal who uses ChapStick for jean burns. Starring Skeet Ulrich, Gary Oldman, Radha Mitchell, Mary Steenburgen 7/10

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