Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top Ten Romantic Films for Valentine's Day

1. Ghost - 1992

Most Romantic Moment: Swayze and Moore engaging in a little pottery wheel making in the middle of the night, with the Righteous Brothers Unchained Melody playing in the background, would make any couple get in a frisky mood.

2. Pretty Woman - 1990

Most Romantic Moment: Gere, with flowers in his hands, and despite his fear of heights climbs up the fire escape to Roberts, like a Prince to his Sleeping Beauty. How can any woman possibly resist?

3. Dirty Dancing - 1987

Most Romantic Moment:  Despite her father's objections to stay away from him, Grey goes back to see Swayze and impulsively tells him how she feels when she's around him, then asks to dance with him, dirty style.

4. Chocolat - 2000

Most Romantic Moment: After having a party and things quiet down, Binoche and Depp share a beautiful slow dance.

5. City of Angels - 1998

Most Romantic Moment:  When angel Cage hitches a ride to Lake Tahoe to go after Ryan, and she realizes that he has given up eternity to be with her. Now that's love.
6. William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet - 1996

Most Romantic Moment: After taking a love drug, Romeo (DiCaprio) looks over and sees Juliet (Danes) across a fish tank looking back at him, and they both know it's love at first sight.

7. Moonstruck - 1987

Most Romantic Moment:  After telling Cher why she shouldn't marry her fiance, the fiance's brother Cage grabs her and sweeps her up in a passionate kiss.

8. Return to Me -  2000

Most Romantic Moment: After learning Driver has Duchovny's dead wife's heart, he flies after her to Italy to confess his love for her. Even distance can't stop true love.

9. Casablanca - 1942

Most Romantic Moment:  Bogie telling former lover Bergman she better get on the plane with her husband otherwise she'll regret it, and that they'll always have the memories of their time together in Paris. Heartbreaking and romantic at once.

10. Titanic - 1997

Most Romantic Moment:  DiCaprio and Winslet standing on the bow of the ill-fated ship, sunset in the background and share such a breathtaking kiss that would melt any iceberg.

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