Friday, February 3, 2012

Character Spotlight: Norman Stansfield

A corrupt agent of New York City's Drug Enforcement Administration, Norman Stansfield hires a holder to keep some of his drugs in the guy's house. However when he finds out that the guy has been taking some of it for himself, Stan and his men invade his house and kill him and his family. All except one; a young twelve-year old girl named Mathilda, who seeks the shelter of neighbor Leon, who just happens to be a professional hitman. With Leon's help, Mathilda is able to seek the revenge of her murdered family. Norman Stanfield is one of those icy villains, both cold and heartless, he has no remorse or pity for anything or anyone, yet his eccentric nature makes him in a way a bit comedic. Chillingly played by Gary Oldman in Leon the Professional, Stansfield is one memorable character in one unforgettable film.

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