Monday, April 2, 2012

Character Duo Spotlight: Bill & Ted

Bill S. Preston "Esquire" and Ted "Theodore" Logan are two goofy but not so bright dudes residing in San Dimas, California and although they start their own rock band The Wyld Stallyns they can't play instruments. In danger of failing their history class if they don't ace their oral report, Bill and Ted are visited by Rufus, a man of the future who is sent to help them pass their report. With the help of a time-traveling telephone booth, Bill and Ted are sent back through history and pick up some major historical figures, including Billy the Kid, Socrates, Napoleon and Abraham Lincoln, to have them speak at their presentation. Played by Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves in two of the Bill and Ted films (Excellent Adventure in 1989 and Bogus Journey in 1991), Bill and Ted are totally excellent characters and despite being rather dim-witted they have a most triumphant time.

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