Monday, October 4, 2010

With Honors (1994)

Montgomery Kessler is an undergraduate student attending Harvard who's sure he'll graduate with honors with his senior thesis he's been writing. But when his computer crashes, he is left with only a single printed copy of it. So he immediately runs out to photocopy it but while on the way he accidentally trips and loses it down a grate. He goes down to the boiler room to search for it when he encounters a homeless man named Simon whose been living there. He has Monty's thesis but in order for him to get it back he makes a deal with him; for every favor Monty does for him, he'll give back a page of it. Desperate, Monty gives him food and his friend's van to sleep in. Monty soon learns about Simon; that he left his family to join the merchant marines and that his lungs have been infected by asbestos poisoning. So when Monty finds out that Simon is sick, he lets him stay with him and his Harvard friends in their house and they become friends. A sad though often funny story, Pesci without a doubt steals the show. Starring Joe Pesci, Brendan Fraser, Moira Kelly, Patrick Dempsey, Josh Hamilton 7/10

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