Friday, March 2, 2012

Character Spotlight: Carlito Brigante

After spending five years in prison for a thirty year sentence, Puerto Rican drug dealer Carlito Brigante is let out, largely thanks to a legal technicality found by his friend and lawyer David Kleinfeld. However, life outside of prison isn't an easy one, especially when he reunites with his old gangster pals and they want to pull him back into a life of drugs and crime. But Carlito vows to go straight, and has his own dream of retiring to the Caribbean where he plans to open a car rental place. The character of Carlito was originally introduced in two novels written by Edwin Torres: After Hours the first and Carlito's Way the sequel. In actuality, the story of Carlito is somewhat based on the neighborhood barrio Torres grew up in, and is what inspired him to tell the story of Carlito. The sequel Carlito's Way was later made into a 1993 film, starring Al Pacino.

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