Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Firm (1988)

Clive "Bex" Bissell is an estate agent who has a wife and a young baby boy at home and for fun he is a football hooligan, leader of the Inter City Crew who wants to recruit for a national firm for the European Championship. But his extracurricular activities clash with his home life and his wife doesn't want to put up with it anymore after their son accidentally cuts himself with Bexy's "Stanley" blade, but he tells her that he needs the buzz. Based on the Inter City Firm, a football firm of West Ham United during the 70s and 80s; gritty and violent. Oldman is extraordinary, and gives another great and memorable performance. Starring Gary Oldman, Lesley Manville, Phil Davis, Charles Lawson 7/10


Royal Reed said...

Thanks for the review Mel, you are spot on! Clive *Bex* Bissell is my favorite Gary Oldman character of all time *swoons* I adore this film, but some scenes I can't help, but watch over, and over: the argument scene where Sue, comes down the stairs & says "lets get something straight", the scene where Bex is holding Sammy & telling him to say piss off, the scene where Bex's dad is taking the pics of them, and Bex says he should have used the flash, the scene where Bex tells the guy he's in & at the end he laughs & say hi-ho. I can go & on. I have a bag, a mug, pillow case & more of the Bexie character. I created a character with Bexie in mind. Gotta love Bexie's swagga in the Firm

MelTheMovieBuff said...

Glad you liked the review Royal! Gary makes the movie, he's the best thing about it. I love all the scenes you mentioned, and I love seeing Gary running around in shorts in the first scene *drool* That's awesome that you have Bex memorabilia, I'm the same way with Rosencrantz :)