Thursday, June 30, 2011

Matchstick Men (2003)

Roy Waller is a con artist (and a very good one at that) who lives in Los Angeles and works alongside his partner/protege Frank Mercer. Roy has several disorders that include agoraphobia, mysophobia, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder and a tic disorder which sometimes interferes with his work. Frank suggests for him to see someone about his problems. So Roy visits Doctor Harris Klein where he starts talking about his past relationship with a woman whom he got pregnant. He tries to track her down, but she doesn't want to talk to him. However his fourteen year old daughter Angela wants to meet him. Before long she shows up at his house and starts spending time with him, and going along with him when he's conning other people. I think Nicolas Cage and Sam Rockwell make a great team and give equally great performances in this comedy/drama; as well as impressive newcomer Alison Lohman as Roy's long lost daughter. Starring Nicolas Cage, Alison Lohman, Sam Rockwell, Bruce Altman, Bruce McGill 8/10

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