Monday, April 11, 2011

Felon (2008)

Wade Porter is family man who plans to have his own company and marry his girlfriend Laura so they can be a family with their son Michael. But one night when he finds a burglar in his house, he accidentally kills him and is arrested for murder. He's brought to trial and gets three years in prison, however when an incident occurs on the bus, Wade is framed and sent to the maximum security wing, run by the corrupt Lieutenant Jackson. Wade's cell mate is John Smith, who is in prison for life after taking revenge for the death of his family. John befriends Wade, and gives him advice; to protect his family at all costs, even if that means killing again. An intense and frighteningly realistic film; Dorff is impressive and Kilmer is extraordinary. Starring Stephen Dorff, Harold Perrineau, Marisol Nichols, Anne Archer, Sam Shepard, Val Kilmer 7/10

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