Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Color of Night (1994)

Bill Capa is a psychologist who he falls into a depression after one of his patients commits suicide right in front of his eyes. After seeing her in a green dress surrounded by a pool of blood he suffers from psychosomatic color blindness, and he can't see the color red. Hoping to restart his life, he travels to L.A. and stays with a friend named Bob Moore, a fellow therapist and best-selling author. He brings Bill along to a group therapy session where he meets some of his patients. One night Bill's friend is savagely murdered, so it's up to Bill to find his killer. While continuing to live in Bob's house, and takes over the group therapy. Bill gets into a fender bender one day with a girl named Rose and soon after they have a very hot affair. But she mysteriously comes and goes when he least expects it, and doesn't tell him a thing about herself. Willis and March have desirable chemistry in this tense and erotic thriller. Starring Bruce Willis, Jane March, Leslie Ann Warren, Ruben Blades, Scott Bakula 6/10

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