Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Public Enemies (2009)

Set in 1930's Chicago, the notorious bank robber John Dillinger breaks out of jail. Not long after he and his posse start to rob the banks of the big businesses, but leaves the citizens money alone. Meanwhile, after taking Pretty Boy Floyd out, FBI Agent Melvin Purvis is promoted and assigned by J. Edgar Hoover to hunt Dillinger down. But that proves to be no easy task. Dillinger falls in love with Billie Frechette when he meets her at a restaurant. Melvin and his men take her in so they can try to catch the outlaw, but faithful to John she refuses to tell them anything. Purvis and his men apprehend a fellow bank robber named Carroll and interrogate him to find the rest of the Dillingers' gang's location. Purvis organizes an ambush at a hotel named Little Bohemia where Dillinger is supposedly staying, but is unsuccessful when Dillinger manages to escape. So Purvis threatens one of John's friends with deportation if she is not cooperative in setting up Dillinger. She agrees and Purvis stakes out the theater where she and Dillinger are seeing a film. A thrillingly interesting crime drama; Johnny Depp plays a convincing gangster, and Bale is also extraordinary as Purvis. Starring Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, James Russo, Marion Cotillard, Stephen Dorff, Billy Crudup, Giovanni Ribisi, Channing Tatum, Leelee Sobieski 8/10

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