Friday, September 24, 2010

Babes in Toyland (1961)

Miss Mary Quite Contrary is about to marry Tom, the Piper's son. But on the night just before they're supposed to marry, evil miser Barnaby hires two bumbling henchmen, Gonzorgo and Roderigo to kidnap Tom and throw him in the sea. But instead they sell him to the gypsies so they'll get paid for him twice. They also steal Bo Peep's sheep, which is Mary and the children's livelihood so Mary has no choice but to marry the rich but mean Barnaby. He hires a band of gypsies to dance and entertain the townspeople, having no idea that they are the same gypsies that Gonzorgo and Roderigo sold Tom to. Tom escapes and disguises himself as an old gypsy who can see the future and sings to Mary and Barnaby. When he reveals his true identity, Mary and the townspeople are overjoyed, but that doesn't stop Barnaby from doing everything in his power to get his way and marry Mary, even if that means having Tom disposed of. When Bo Peep and the children get lost when they go looking for the sheep in the forest, Tom and Mary rescue them. They discover Toyland, which is where The Toymaker makes toys for the children of the world. When the toy machine that the Toymaker's assistant breaks, Bo Peep and the children help The Toymaker make the Christmas deadline. This Disney classic is wonderful fun; the songs are terrific, Annette Funicello is delightful and Ray Bolger is a perfect villain. Starring Ray Bolger, Tommy Sands, Annette Funicello, Ed Wynn, Tommy Kirk, Henry Calvin, Gene Sheldon, Ann Jillian 6/10

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