Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sixteen Candles (1984)

High School sophomore Samantha Baker wakes up on her sixteenth birthday and her family forgets all about it. The reason why is that her older sister Ginny is getting married the next day. Meanwhile geeky freshman Ted keeps trying to put the moves on Sam but she has her eye on the handsome senior Jake Ryan. Her grandparents bring along foreign exchange student by the name of Long Duk Dong to stay. Sam brings him with her to the dance, while Sam longs for Jake. In the auto-shop room during the dance, Sam confesses her love for Jake to Ted. He tells her that Jake has been asking about her, and they agree that Sam should go and talk to him. As she's leaving, he reveals that he made a bet with his friends that he could sleep with Sam, so she agrees to loan him her panties as proof to help him win a dozen floppy disks. Typical coming of age teenage story by John Hughes; with some very funny moments and Molly Ringwald is witty and terrific as always. Starring Molly Ringwald, Justin Henry, Michael Schoeffling, Haviland Morris, Gedde Watanabe, Anthony Michael Hall 7/10

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